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COL® Folding Door is designed uniquely with Bi-Fold function. It is the ultimate solution to maximize visibility for diverged spaces within premises. The extraordinary look of folding door can easily be blended into living spaces as a divider where access control is needed. Folding Door is compiled with the highest flexibility as well as ease of operation. COL® Folding Door is perfectly designed with large opening views that allow your living spaces to be filled with natural light and but simultaneously to foil from unwanted intruders.


COL® Folding Door is well suited for all kinds of commercial or retail premises, which include retail shops, cafe, restaurants, clubs, bars, coffee shops to name a few. Nevertheless, it's stunning design is likely to be the perfect solution for enhancing the residential entrances where security is essential.

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  • Occupy little space for wider opening
  • Versatile opening with seamless transition in space
  • Modern and stylish appearance
  • Space divider with stunning appearance
  • With minimal and easy maintenance
  • Illusion of wider space
  • Light weight
  • High visibility with slim profile
  • Silent operation
  • Minimal cost of maintenance


Operation Method

COL® Folding Door is operating in a manual system, users could get access by folding the panels manually to the size, which only utilizes a small fraction of total space, hereafter creating a panoramic view wih the merge of internal and external spaces.


Design Specification

COL® Folding Door is constructed by aluminium frame with inserted polycarbonate plate that provides incredible durability with elegant appearance.


COL - 300 Aluminium Folding Door:

  • 300mm (width) for each panel
  • 1.5mm (thickness) for polycarbonate plate
  • 250mm (width) polycarbonate plate inserted to aluminium frame
  • Maximum height up to 3.5meter
  • Manually operated



The frame of Folding Door are available in various finishing to best suit customer's desires:

  • Natural Anodised
  • Powder Coated (Available in various standard powder coating colours)