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COL® Light Duty & Heavy Duty Roller Shutters are widely used in the market to fit over various kinds of openings. There are several configurations of roller shutter available for selection to ideally meet customer's preference with particular concerns. Our light or heavy duty roller shutters can be made with steel or aluminium. We provide a few options of different thickness for our steel shutters based on your needs.


COL® Light Duty & Heavy Duty Roller Shutters are commonly installed at commercial buildings, industrial factories and residential premises. The light and heavy duty roller shutters or steel shutters are perfect for shopfronts, stadiums, general storage rooms, refuse chambers, garages, and more. Contact us here to know more or scroll below to find more information on our available steel shutters.

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COL® Light Duty Roller Shutter

  • Quick and Easy Operation
  • Timeless Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • High level of Security Protection
  • Asset Longevity
  • Guard against theft


COL® Heavy Duty Roller Shutter

  • Durable
  • Cost-effective product with high level of security
  • Durable safety barrier that supports larger opening


Operation Method

COL® Light Duty & Heavy Duty Roller Shutter are available in Manual operation, Motorised operation or Chain Hoist operation.

Note: There are two kinds of motor system available as choice to suits customer preference. Single-phase motor will be supplied as COL's standard specification of roller shutter, however, Three-phase motor can be supplied as an optional item upon request.


Design Specification

COL® Light Duty & Heavy Duty Roller Shutter curtain is constructed by interlocking custom design with continuous slats that available in various range of profiles as preference tailored to suit customer's requirements.


COL® Light Duty & Heavy Duty Roller Shutter can be fabricated using steel or aluminum profiles.


Steel Profiles that are available as choice are:

  • Pre-painted Galvanized Steel (a.k.a. Colourbond)
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Pre-painted Zincalume Steel (a.k.a. Colourbond)
  • Zincalume Steel


Futhermore, there are various thickness of slats available to cater customer's preference.



COL® Light Duty & Heavy Duty Roller Shutter has a variety of finishing available as option:

  • The standard Galvanized finish
  • Pre-painted finish in one of our Standard Colours (Colourbond)
  • Powder Coated (Available in various standard powder coating colours)